Lookout (2005)

Plywood, steel, wood, aluminum, misc. hardware.
(96 x 48 x 192 inches)

A small wooden room sits aloft a thin, steel frame, isolated from its surroundings ten feet above the ground. The room is just large enough for an individual to stand inside. It is exactly my height, width, and depth. While the room has a door and a window, there is no readily available means to access the room. It is impossible to know if the tower is inhabited at any one time. The tower gives an individual privacy while they remain publicly in view. What goes on inside the room of the tower is unknown to the viewer on the ground. However, the viewer on the ground is capable of monitoring the tower itself and thus, indirectly, the occupant inside. Conversely, the occupant of the small room is afforded a view of the surrounding area via the small window, while remaining hidden.