September 8 - October 15, 2016 at Pavel Zoubok Gallery (531 W 26th St, NYC), 'Purchase Power.' Visit for more information.

July 25 - July 27, 2016 at 990 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia 'Truth to Power,' a pop-up exhibition timed to coincide with the Democratic National Convention. Visit for more information.

June 5 - September 5, 2015 at CAM Raleigh (409 W Martin St, Raleigh, NC), 'The Nothing That Is.' Visit for more information.

January 23 - March 7, 2015 at Flanders Gallery (505 S. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC), 'Artist-Inventor.' Visit for more information.

December 6 - February 22, 2015 at Proteus Gowanus (543 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY), 'COMMERCE: Labor.' Visit for more information.

Happening now: As of June 9th, the Text-the-Mayor public art project is up and running. Visit for more information.

May 20 - July 27 at the Peckham Platform (London SE15 5RS, UK), 'Money Distribution Machine and Other Useful Contraptions.' Visit here for more information.

December 12 - March 9 at FACT: Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (88 Wood Street, Liverpool, UK), 'Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life.' Visit here for more information.

February 3 - February 28 at the Linda Jordon Gallery, Gallaudet University (800 Florida Ave NE, Washington DC), 'PTSD: Post-Technomatic Similacral DIYconstructions.' Visit here for more information.